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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brushes of Comets' Hair (photo)

Brushes of Comets' Hair (poem)


  1. At the end of one of the Gaither videos today, Gloria Gaither was quoting Rudyard Kipling . . . and when I looked up the poem she was reading (click on the link below the photo to read it), it turns out yesterday was the 75th anniversary of Kipling's death . . . and then when I started going through the photos I took today, this dandelion made me think of Kipling's brushes of comets' hair . . .

  2. Beautiful poem by Rudyard Kipling and I am glad you posted it.

    I did find the "Gaither Brothers Family Hour" on one of our channels here. I really enjoyed their show...that episode was about Elvis, and how he loved singing Gospel music. I don't get alot of Gaither programs here (we have just regular cable TV)but I enjoyed watching it.

    Love the "Brushes of Comets" photo...I remember always picking them as a child, making a wish, blowing, and watching them go into the air!