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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tatted Trim


  1. Vickie, I am curious, did you do the tatting? It seems to be such a lost art these days...

  2. Cheryl, while I did not make the piece in this photo, I do indeed know how to tat . . . tatting was the one handicraft that I absolutely could not figure out on my own . . . the instructions made no sense to me . . . so I finally broke down and signed up for classes back in the 1980s . . . they used two different colors of satin rattail cord for the demonstrations . . . made it easy to learn that way . . . I haven't tatted in years . . . and I never was very fast . . . that piece in the photo would have taken me forever to complete . . .

  3. I am with you on learning to tat! I took a class or two well over 30 years ago and haven't touched it since. I recently bought a shuttle and book so I can try it again! Probably will be learning all over again. Beautiful piece!