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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Autumn Kaleidoscope

We had searched every day for a scene such as this . . . with the kaleidoscope of autumn colors reflected in the waters . . . we came upon this oasis of tranquility on the outskirts of Boston . . . we were on our way back to Texas . . . and were stopping for a visit with Mom's cousin in Lynn, Massachusetts . . . photo taken four weeks ago today . . . on the 18th day of October . . .

Everything is now different as our kaleidoscope turns.
The colors, so brilliant, the light brightly burns.
We wonder at the beauty like never before.
The dazzling colors? We want to see more!

With each gentle turn we gaze in awe.
Have the leaves always been this color in Fall?
Have the flowers of Springtime always bloomed like this?
Have my family and friends always brought me such bliss?

Every day now counts. We seek something good.
We wish for a moment that everyone could
See through our eyes the joy and delight.
The extraordinary vision into our kaleidoscope of life.

The Kaleidoscope of Life
Sandy Brown


  1. The photo and poem are both lovely and go so well together. I do love the colors!

  2. You found a super autumn color shot. I love reflection shots. Donna