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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hail Storm Survivor 7:36 AM

Riley (the poodle) and I were awakened about 4:30 a.m. by hail pounding on the roof . . . weather-guy reported that we had 1"-diameter hail in Red Oak . . . ruined today's morning glory blooms . . . broke the wings off the dragonfly . . . left some dents on the Sequoia . . . have not yet checked the shingles . . . too durn chilly outside today . . .


  1. My favorite of your photos to date! Gorgeous!

  2. You sure have had your share of nasty weather out there, Vickie. Glad you and Riley are ok. That's some pretty big hail, hopefully your shingles are ok. So sorry to hear about your dragonfly, the morning glories, and your car . . . your pink roses look so pretty with the drops of rain on them, they sure took a beating and survived well. Hopefully, you will be having pleasant weather arriving soon.

  3. We are very blessed that there has not been any severe damage here in this little area . . . especially after that system that came through here the other day and then continued on to Alabama, where it caused such destruction . . . I ain't complaining about a little hail damage!

  4. I do love going out with the camera after a rain . . . y'all will probably get tired of seeing photos of that little fairy rose . . . at least until the morning glories cover the fence again!