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About this blog

Texas, January 2011. -- This blog owes its very existence to Jasia over at Creative Gene who issued a challenge to take on a version of a 365 project . . . which involves a commitment to take a photo a day for an entire year . . . and then share each one on a blog or other photo-sharing site . . . I first read Jasia's challenge on the 7th of January, and posted my first photo that very evening . . . I figured this might be a good way to make me learn how to use my new camera . . . oh yeah, I haven't told you about the new camera yet . . . my first decent camera was a Canon AE-1 which we purchased at a camera shop in Austin, Texas in the 1970s . . . for more than a quarter of a century, that 35mm camera captured priceless images of newborn nieces and nephews (last one born in 1992) . . . and awe-inspiring photos of a killer F3 tornado . . . and it gave us timeless images of loved ones who are no longer with us . . . my next new camera was a Sony digital-8 video camera purchased in 2000 for the purpose of video-taping my husband competing in his racecar on dirt tracks across Texas and surrounding states . . . that camera also captured movies of a variety of family graduations and weddings . . . then came a series of low-end digital camera which I never quite got used to . . . for one thing, they did not feel comfortable in my hands . . . for another thing, I just like having a viewfinder to look through instead of trying to set up a photo on a digital screen . . . then just last month (December of 2010) I finally broke down and purchased what I hope will be a decent digital camera . . . it's a Canon Rebel T1i EOS 500D . . . there are three little grand-nephews in the family now . . . and I've got a lot of learning to do if I'm going to take decent photos of them . . . so, I am committing to take a photo a day (mostly with that new Canon) and to be held accountable by all of y'all by posting that image here on this photo blog . . .