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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bricolage :: Tattered Toy

This is Riley's favorite toy . . . and it is in need of mending (and washing!) . . . the inset photo on the following contact sheet is an out-of-focus shot of Riley doing what I call his death shake with this poor little lamb . . . during this activity the lamb usually winds up half-way across the room . . . because Riley thinks it's fun to let it go flying . . . and then wait for me to retrieve it for him . . .

Using features from both Picasa and IrfanView (free programs), I created multiple background textures from a cropped area of that out-of-focus photo . . . clicking on the contact sheet will take you to a Picasa album containing each of the background textures shown on this collage . . . please do let me know if you use one of these textures for a project . . . I like to see what ideas others come up with . . .

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  1. bri·co·lage
    noun /ˌbrēkōˈläZH/  /ˌbrikə-/
    bricolage, plural; bricolages, plural

    1.(in art or literature) Construction or creation from a diverse range of available things

    2.Something constructed or created in this way