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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Rose

This is this Spring's very first pink bud on the antique Fairy Rose (1932) in my yard . . . I planted it last April, shortly following the death of my husband . . . this bud is about the size of the fingernail on my little finger . . . these miniature roses are just the perfect size for drying for use in tearbottles . . .


  1. Beautiful, Vickie. I did just pick up two little pink miniature rose plants over the plan is to plant them for your beloved Bennie in my garden tomorrow, and one for my beautiful mom that I have placed in a little pot inside my home...right next to her photo.

  2. Gini, please do share your photo of your Bennie rose . . . I love that you've done that . . . another one of those neat little coincidences . . . I was surprised at my one little bloom . . . and the perfect timing . . . {hugs} from Texas . . . all the way to California . . .

  3. Thank you, bet I will. The "coincidences" just keep coming. Your bloom is beautiful and right on are in my heart and in my thoughts on this day...sending {{hugs}} back to you too ten fold.