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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unhappy Chirper

This handsome guy was sitting right outside my bedroom window this afternoon . . . annoying Riley (the poodle) with his chirping . . . I know there's a nest there . . . and I keep thinking I'm hearing baby birds . . . but the nest is too high for me to be sure . . . anyway, he did not fly very far when I went out with my camera . . . he kept changing position in this dead althea bush . . . while I snapped 187 shots of him . . . I think you can tell by the attitude that he was not happy with me . . . and he did keep telling me about it . . . Mama Cardinal has not allowed any photos of her yet . . . and it's not for the lack of trying! . . .


  1. He certainly does not look happy! LOL

  2. He is surely telling you "what for".

  3. Great shot! I dont have a lot of luck with bird shots. I try and I try but the only good ones I get are with larger birds... Geese, ducks, chickens, etc. The little ones move around so much and hide behind branches and I can't get a clear shot. One of these days I hope to get lucky and catch a good shot like you did. :-)

  4. The male cardinals have been pretty cooperative about being photographed this year . . . I use that continuous shoot mode on the Canon . . . and discard a lot of not good photos . . . the female cardinals on the other hand act just like you said, Jasia . . . they absolutely will not sit still long enough for me to capture their image . . .