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Monday, March 21, 2011

In Memory of Elfie

Elfriede "Elfie or Frieda" Haf-Concepcion Haf-Serafin
21 March 1933 ~ 21 July 2010

Let me remember only lovely things . . .
The sapphire of the sea, a star adrift,
The spreading glory of the dying day . . .
The clear, blue sky that follows summer rain,
Sweet warbled notes, and sunset's afterglow.
Thus shall I keep the storehouse of my mind
Barred to the gloom that memory often brings;
Beauty will mold each thought that lives with me --
I shall remember only lovely things.

Willa Hoey

Happy Birthday to Gini's Mom


  1. Vickie, I am speechless...what a beautiful tribute to my mom...there are no words to describe my gratitude to you, but the words "thank you" is all I know at this moment.

    My heart is full...and I know mom is smiling down on us...thank you.

  2. You are quite welcome, Gini . . . I will always be grateful to your Mom . . . not only for giving you to the world . . . but also for that little project she carried out for me when she flew to Germany following the death of her own Mother . . . she will always have a place in my book of memories . . .

  3. This is absolutely beautiful Vicki! What a fantastic gift you have given! I know this gift will be treasured always, deep in Gini's heart. Such a true, wonderful friend you must be to Gini! Gini is very fortunate and truly blessed. This post was just awesome!

    Happy Birthday to Gini's mom.