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Monday, January 10, 2011

Miniature Tearbottle Ornaments


  1. I call these tearbottles . . . I used them for ornaments on my miniature Christmas tree . . . the small dried roses and buds are from an antique fairy rose I planted in my yard shortly after my husband died last April . . . see the tiny parchment labels curled inside the small glass globes? . . . each label is about an inch and a quarter long . . . my sister made them for me, knowing I would be creating tearbottles in memory of my Bennie . . .

  2. Oh yeah, there is also at least one of those tiny rosebuds inside each of these tearbottles . . . along with a bit of wormwood (for sorrow) . . . and rosemary (for remembrance) . . . all nestled in a soft bed of prismaglitter . . .

  3. Vickie ~
    I love your "tearbottles" and the labels are perfect! A very good idea. I made one for my mom and hung it on her tree this Christmas...a label would be a great addition.

    Also, last year in January (2010), one of my goals (which I did not follow thru on) was to do the 365 day photo project. I didn't follow thru on my blog because many of the photos were of my grandchildren and things that I didn't want to be public...I love the idea of having a blog just for have given me another idea!

    Love the new blog. Your photos are wonderful and are coming out great with your new camera!

  4. Hi Gini . . . Jasia actually inspired the start of this blog with THIS post . . . I had not even considered taking on such a project . . . but I figure it is a good way to make me make myself learn that new camera . . . might even make me get out of the house a little more often while looking for interesting subject matter . . . V. . . .

  5. I do luv the little labels . . . glad my sister took on that project for me . . . it's especially nice to help remember which tearbottles were created when and in memory of which loved one . . . it's been almost 15 years since I first started doing these . . .